Standing Committees and Special Committees

Standing Committees
Benevolent Richard Olmstead, GGCCM(Chairman) 2017-2019 4166 Hwy 8 W
Mena, AR 71953

Mittie Small, PGM 2018-2020
Janice Green, PGM 2017-2019
Larry Martin, PGP 2017-2019
Mary Sue Smith, PM 2017-2020
Board of Finance Tom Dixon, PGP (Chairman) 2015-2021 1404 E 47th St Texarkana, AR 71854
Roberta Fooks,PGM 2014-2020
Carol Anderson,PGM 2013-2019
Charitable Donations Debbie Hedge,PM Chairman 2016-2019 P.O. Box 1230 Wynne, AR
Audrey Webb PGM 2018-2021
Rita Sexton, PM 2017-2020
District Equalization Jeanette Goings, PGM Chairman 2017-2020P.O. Box 1031 Pocahontas, AR 72455
Judy Olmstead, PM 2018-2020
Vickie Goodman, PM 2017-2019
Mary Beth Glover-Wilson, PM 2018-2021,
Sherri Hodges, AGM
Denise Hickey, GC
Kathy Mitchell, AGC
ESTARL Nancy Lindsey, PGM 2010-2019

1012 Park Dr.
Forrest City 72335
Beth Huddleson, Pm 2017-2020
Peggy Presley, PM 2018-2021
Fraternal Correspondence Denise Hickey, GC, Chairman post address
Daniel C. Dodd, AGP
Kathy Mitchell, AGC
Jurisprudence Sherrill Baker, PGP, Chairman 2015-2021 Cheri Pierce, GGCCM 2016-2019
Carol Ann Roberson, PGM 2018-2021
Andy Miller, PGP 2017-2019
Vickie Staggs, PGM 2018-2020
Lois Craig, PGM 2013-2020
Jon Roberts, PGP 2018-2019
Proficiency Glenda Peyton PGM,
Chairman 2016-2019
402 White Hall Ave,
White Hall, AR 71602
Cell: 870-692-6393
Mary Ann Dixon, GGCCM 2018-2020
Fran Goodman, PGM 2018-2019
Time and Place Jerry Harrell,PGP Chairman 2015-2021 post address Brenda Griffin, WM 2018-2020
Judy Bell, PM 2017-2019
Triennial Marilyn Whorton, PGM, Chairman

Elizabeth Anne Cooney, PGM
Bill Pierce, PGP

Special Committees
Appeals and Grievances Richard Olmstead, GGCCM Chairman 4166 Hwy 8 W
Mena, AR 71953
Fran Goodman, PGM
Janice Green, PGM
Arkansas Stars Reception (Friday Night) Minnie Alston, PM Chairman ? ?
Assistants to the Grand Organist Angel Owen, PM
Barbara Spann, PM
Barbara Groskopf, PM
Brenda Miller, PM
Darcy Baxley, PM
Mary Beth Glover-Wilson,PM
Calendar Sales (Proceeds to Navy and Marine Society) Kayla Moring, PM Chairman P.O. Box 92 Redfield, AR 72132n
Cancer Research Ms. Darcy Baxley, PM Chairman 143 Baxley, McRae, AR 72102
Phone 501.726.4487
Candidate Advisory CommitteeMr. Jim Pluskett, PGP Chairman
Mrs. Lois Craig, PGM
Mrs. Janice Green, PGM
Chapter RestorationMr. Carroll Barron,PP
Chapters under Dispensation Mr. Jon Roberts, PGP Chairman ? Mr. Lewis Bryant, PGP
Mr. Chuck Goodrich, PGP
Chartered Chapters Mrs. Jeanette Goings, Chairman P.O. Box 1031
Pocahontas, AR 72455
Mrs. Marilyn Whorton, PGM
Mr. Jon Roberts PGP
Cherry Blossom Banquet Mrs. Lois Craig, PGM Master of Ceremonies Ms. Brenda Griffin, WM Chairman Mrs. Tommie Turpin,PM
Mrs. Peggy Presley, PM
Mrs. Pat Crouse, PM
Decorations for "Cherry Blossom" Banquet Ms. Vickie Staggs, PGM
Ms. Andrea White, PM
Choir Director Glenda Peyton, PGM
Mary Beth Glover-Wilson (Assistant)
Choir Fund Mary Beth Glover-Wilson (Chairman) Brenda Miller, PM Barbara Groskopf, PM
Cradle of Democracy Tour Vickie Staggs, PGM (Chairman)5635 Amber Circle N.Benton, AR 72015
Credentials Jo Lee Bearden, PM, Chairman Mrs. Mary Sue Smith, PM
Mrs. Lori Merritt,PM
Decorations for Grand Ball Room Mrs, Judy Langston, Chairman
Andrea White, PM
Robin Baker, PM
Jennifer Hammon, PM
Drills Mr. Larry Rogers, PP
Grand Marshal

post address
no members
Election Don Messersmith Jr.,PP Chairman
Mary Ann Barron, PM
Erna Hester, PM
post address *
Emblem Presentation Vickie Staggs, PGM

post address
No Members
First Aid Minnie Alston, PM No Address
Jo Lee Bearden, PM
PatkBennett, PM
Linda Ann Rogers, PM
Flag Presentation Sherrill Baker, GGCCM No Address No members
"Freedom Riders" Travel Club Mrs. Pat Woodall, PM 2200 Grant 36
Prattsville, AR 72129
No Members
General Arrangements Eddie Cannada
* Sheldon Gately, PP

Pam Cannada, PM
General Chairman 2015 Session Don Booth, PP * No Members
Grand Chapter Properties Chris Cossey post address no members
Grand Representative LuncheonTommie Turpin, PM, Chairman
Heart Research Pat Crouse, PM 1210 W. 7th
Sheridan, AR 72150
No Members
Hospitality for Distinguished Guests Vickie Staggs,PGM, Chairman 5635 Amber Circle N
Benton, AR 72015
Helen Stovall, PM
Charlotte Power, PM
Housing Chairman Brenda Griffin, PM
200 Grant 583
Redfield, AR 72132
No Members
International OES Temple Peggy Presley P.O. Box 1545
Mt. View, AR 72560
No Members
Introduction of Grand Officers Lois Craig, PGM post address No members
Jewelry Sales-Cystic Fibrosis-65 roses pinBrenda Griffin, WM 200 Grant 583
Redfield, AR 72132
Knights Templar Eye Foundation Michael Olegario 16 West Oak Drive
Cabot, AR 72023
No Members
Masonic Relations Andy Miller, PGP 16 Helen Dr.
Sherwood, AR 72120
No Members
Memorial Andy Miller, PGP, Chairman 16 Helen Dr.
Sherwood, AR 72120
Jala Erby, Grand Organist
OES Journal Donna Harwell, PM 207 South Pine St.
Nashville, AR 71852
No Members
Pages to Distinguished Guests Sheri Sutton, Chairman No Address
Parliamentarian Roberta Fooks, PGM
* no members
Pre-registration for Arkansas members Nancy Cassity, PM
3117 Hwy 35 N
Sheridan, AR 72150
No Members
Pre-registration for Distinguished Guests Carol StClair, PM
12206 Arch Street
Little Rock, AR 72206
No Members
PUBLICITY Donna Harwell, PM
207 So. Pine St.
Nashville, AR 71852
No members
Red White and Blue Reception Rayna Yarberry, PM ChairmanRosemary Eckersley,, Co-Chairman
Registration for Distinguished Guests Fran Goodman,PGM Chairman Peggy Presley, PM Ellen Kay Moore,PM
Charlotte Power,PM
Revision Cheri Pierce,GGCCM
105 Elder Lane, Beebe, AR 72012 Vickie Staggs, PGM
Sherrill Baker, PGP
Scottish Rite Learning Centers Jimmie Hodges, PP 1681 Hwy 24
Horatio, AR 71842
No Members
Social Events Coordinator Debbie Hedge, PM P.O. Box1230 Wynne, AR 72396
No Members
SUPPORT OUR MILITARY (Navy/Marine Relief Society) Debbie Booth,PM (Chairman) 3214 So. 97th St. Ft. Smith, AR 72903
Don Booth, PP (Co-Chairman)
Transportation Jimmie Hodges, PP
Jerry Whorton, GGCCM
Kevin Amos
No Address *
Shamrock Shuffle Spring DanceMarie Bland,PM
SHRINERS HOSPITAL Donna Harwell, PM 207 So. Pine St.
Nashville, AR 71852
(Aluminum Pull Tabs)
Ms. Rosemary Eckersley
Website Glenda Peyton, PGM, Chairman Glenda Peyton
402 White Hall Ave.
White Hall, AR 71602
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