Glenda Peyton, PGM, Chairman

Mary Ann Dixon, PGM

Fran Goodman , PGM, Grand Lecturer


1. Secret Work Memorized
2. Questions Answered
3. Landmark #1
4. Attend Proficiency School in its entirety

1. Secret Work Memorized
2. Questions Answered
3. Landmarks #3 & 6
4. Attend Proficiency School in its entirety


01. Describe how the Marshal picks up and carries the flag to the East.

02. Demonstrate the Reverent Attitude: What is the difference to the Attitude of Prayer.

03. When do we give the reverent attitude?
. . Should an officer ever walk while holding the reverent attitude?

04. Who is presented at Alter?
. . In front of AM & PM?
. . Who are escorted to East?

05. In proving the chapter, who is in charge?
. . Explain the wording of the Conductress and Associate Conductress when they find a visitor.
. . Explain how the Associate Matron should respond.

06. When is the alter draped?
. . Describe how it is done and by whom.

07. If an investigating committee fails to report on a petition, after two stated meetings, what must be done?

08. If a petition has been rejected, how long must the petitioner wait to reapply?

09. Can the Worthy Matron cancel a stated meeting of the Chapter?

10. What are the requirements to be a Grand Officer, Deputy Grand Lecturer or Grand Representative?

11. Is the first female cousin of an affiliated Master Mason in good standing eligible to become a member of the Order of the Eastern Star?

12. How many members are required to open a chapter meeting?
. . Who must one of them be?
. . Is it possible the required number of members be present and still not be able to have the meeting?

13. Can a dual member serve as an elected officer in both chapters at the same time?

14. How many times do the conductress and associate conductress bow during proving of the chapter?
. . Explain where and how.

15. What does Un-American organization refer to and what happens to member who joins?

16. What is a 990N?

17. How many Landmarks are there and where do we find them?

18. If a person holds 2 titles, how should they be introduced?
. . (ex. Grand Reresentative and also a special appointment)
. . (explain that when introducing yourself, you do not say Past Grand Representative or any other Past Grand Appointment unless you are a Past Grand Officer and if you are a chapter officer you do not give your station title)

19. Explain "PIE" - What the WM says and what the conductress does during introductions.

20. What does the WM say to Conductress on escorting distinguished guest to East?

21. Where do we find the wording of the Star points when they demonstrate their sign in the opening?
. . (Explain exact wording) Secret work and Ritual

22. If the ballot taken is dark, who notifies the petitioner and how?
. . (Remember...that there is to be NO discussion after the ballot is taken and that we DO NOT discuss Chapter business outside our Chapter.)

23. What are the Raps when responding to an alarm at the door?
. . What is the Rap given by officer making the alarm?
. . Is there an answer and if so, how many?

24. Describe the blows of the Gavel.

25. At what time is the Alter light turned up during an initiation?

26. For initiation, when does the Warder "open" the door AFTER the Associate Conductress has retired?

27. Does the Warder close the door after ascertaining the cause of the alarm?
. . When does the Warder sit down?

28. How does the Marshal place the ribbons for initiation?

29. What does a chapter have to do to change permanent dwelling from one town to another?

30. Can a chapter move dwelling inside same town?
. . If so, how far and what should the chapter do prior to move?
. . What must be done if more than one mile?

31. Can a chapter of the Order of Eastern Star be organized at a place where there is no Masonic Lodge?

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