Mrs. Roberta Fooks, PGM, Chairman

Mrs. Rosemary Messersmith, P.G.M.

Mrs. Mavis Payne , P.G.M., Grand Lecturer

1. Secret Work Memorized
2. Questions Answered
3. Landmark #1
4. Attend Proficiency School in its entirety

1. Secret Work Memorized
2. Questions Answered
3. Attend Proficiency School in its entirety

01. What three things must be present to open a chapter? UC-22

02. When shoould introduction be made?

03. When must a chapter elect officers and when must they be installed?

04. What is is a 990N?

05. Who examines the ballot box? Who prepares the ballot box? Who inspects the ballot box

06. At an installation of officers how does the Conductress present a PGM or PGP for introductions? How are any other grand officers, Deputy Grand Lecturers or Grand Representatives introduced

07. How many landmarks are there and where ae they found?

08. Who responds to the star points after they give their sign during the opening?

09. What is the procedure to form a new chapter? How many members are required to form the new chapter?

10. If an investigating committee fails to report after two stated meetings what must be done?

11. What four officers form the straight line across the West marching line when the hollow square is formed outside the chairs?

12. Give the raps the Warder and Sentinel use in opening the door?

13. How many members are required to open a chapter meeting? Who must one ot them be? Is it possible the required number of members present and still not be able to have a meeting?

14. Describe how the marshal picks up and carries the flat to the East.

15. How many times do the conductress and associate conductress bow during proving of the chapter?

16. Give the wording used during proving of the chapter when the condructress or associate condructress cannot vouch for a visitor and to whom do they address this?

17. Should an officer ever walk while holding the reverent attitude?

18. Demonstrate the Reverent attitude; Also the Attitude of prayer?

19. When the hollow square is formed outside the chairs where do the conductress and associate conductress stop?

20. Who is in charge of instituting a new chapter?

21. Describe how draping of the altar is done. When is the altar draped?

22. Can a stated meeting be cancelled by the Worthy Matron?

23. How many meetings must a chapter have each year? What happens if they have less than this number of meetings?

24. Can a dual member serve as an elected officer in both chapters at the same time?

25. What three things are necessary for a transfer of membership from one chapter to another to be complete?

26. When the officers of a chapter are installed at the called installation when would the officers who were absent be intatlled?

27. Describe the procedures to consolidate two or morre chaperes?

28. Who is entitled to an Eastern Star funeral?

29. Who is responsible for preparation of the chapter room?

30. What are the requirements to be a Grand Officeer, of Deputy Grand Lecturer, or Grand Representative?

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