Glenda Peyton, PGM, GGCCM-IHQ, Chairman

Mary Ann Dixon, PGM

Denise Hickey, PGM, Grand Lecturer


Secret Work Memorized
Questions answered
Attend a School of Instruction in its entirety
Landmarks 1 , 3, 4


Secret Work Memorized
Questions answered
Landmarks 1 & 4
Attend a School of Instruction in its entirety


1. Who is responsible for preparation of the chapter room?

2. Describe how the Bible is presented into the chapter room and by whom? When does the membership assume the Reverent Attitude? When is the membership seated?

3. What must be formed when opening the chapter? What four officers form a straight line in the West? Where do the Conductress and Associate Conductress stop when the hollow square is formed outside the chairs?

4. Does the Chaplain ever bow to the Bible?

5. Demonstrate the Reverent Attitude, the Attitude of Prayer and the Salutation Sign. Is the Salutation ever given when the Bible is closed? Do you ever walk holding the Reverent Attitude?

6. Explain the four bow of the Conductresses when proving the chapter. Who says "Visitor"? Who says "Member"? Who says "Sister or Brother11?

7. Describe how the Marshal picks up and carries the Flag to the East.

8. Describe how an officer takes their badge when explaining it's meaning. When does she/he drop their badge?

9. How many landmarks are there? Where are they found?

10. Give the knocks the Warder and Sentinel use in opening the door. When must they use the knocks?

11. When do we drape the altar? Describe how this is done.

12. Who prepares the ballot box? Who inspects the ballot box? Who examines the ballot box?

13. How and when does the Sentinel ballot? Does he relinquish his badge when he enters the chapter room to ballot? Why?

14. In the initiation, where do the Conductress and Associate Conductress stand when instructing and demonstrating the proper way to hold the Bible?

15. List the steps, in order, in forming and conducting the Prayer Circle during initiation.

16. Should any part of the Ritual be copied? Why?

17. When must the Sentinel be outside the closed door?

18. Who is in charge of the door to the Chapter room? How does she/he respond to raps from the Sentinel? When does she/he not respond?

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