Welcome to the Worthy Grand Matron's Page

Arkansas Grand Chapter




"Anchored by God's Love"

Let your heart sing joyously for the gifts of God.

Proficiency in our work, dedication to our purpose,
and love for our order and one another.

Be the best Star you can be,
for you may be the only Bible some people read.

Sing! Laugh! Praise!

God so loved the world that he gave his
Only begotten
Son, that whosoever belived in him should not
Perish but have

WGM's - Cross and Open Bible
WGP's - American Flag and American Soldier

WGM's - Anchor, Stars, Hearts, Elephants, Stained Glass, Quilts, Music symbols
WGP's - Trains, Handy Mandy, Yosemite Sam, Tasmanian Devil

WGM's - Aqua, Burgundy, and Silver
WGP's - Blue, White, and Gray

WGM's: Red Rose
WGP's: Any flower in season

WGM's: Cardinal
WGP's: Eagle, Quail, Turkey


WGM's: Psalm 118:24:
"This is the day that the Lord has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it."

WGP's: John 14:6
"I am the way and truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me."

Opening Ode:
"This is the Day"

Closing Ode:
"Farewell, Dear Friends"

Honor Stations:
Electa - Star of Charity
Treasurer -Star of Security
Conductress & Associate Conductress - Stars of Leadership

Grand Officers: Our Shining Stars

Grand Choir: Stars of Harmony

Escorts of the Grand Officers: Star Chasers

WMs &WPs of Subordinate Chapters: Blazing Stars

PGMs & PGPs: Guiding Stars

New Members: Twinkling Stars

Support Club:
WGM: Music Makers
WGP: Conductors

Worthy Grand Matron's Songs:

The Anchor Holds
Have a Little Talk with Jesus
From a Distance
Love Lifted Me
How Could I Ask for More
Bow the Knee
4-Part harmony Gospel songs and hymns

Worthy Grand Patron's Songs:

Deck of Cards
Amazing Grace
Jesus Saves
God Bless America
This Train
Any old-time Gospel music with a foot tapping beat.

Special Nights:

Obligation Night (First meeting of the year)
Friendship Night
Masonic Night
Honor Night for Honor Stations
Founder's Night

Projects: Service Dogs
Pick Up the Tab--
Ronald McDonald House
The Navy/Marine Relief
Nursing Homes and Food Banks
All projects of Arkansas Grand Chapter

Change a cancer victim's life with your change.
Collect your change,
turn it in to your deputy.
All change will stay in your district
and the district will decide where the money goes.
Fund Raisers:
Candy--Service Dogs
Sale of Itinerary Calendar--Naval-Marine Relief
Sweetheart Dance--Service Dogs

Special Donations:
D.C. and I will make a donation to our charities
each time a Past Grand Matron and Past Grand Patron
attend our Official Visits.

Travel Club--Wandering Stars

Attend 2 Proficiency Schools in their entirety (any district)
Attend 2 Deputy Grand Lecturer visits other than your own (total of 3)
Attend 4 Worthy Grand Matrons Visits
Attend 3 Friendship Nights
Attend a Stated Meeting in 3 other chapters than your own (in any district)
If the above requirements cannot be met,
then per the instructions of the Worthy Grand Matron
the following may be adhered to:
Attend 2 extra friendship nights
Attend 2 extra Worthy Grand Matron Official Visits
Attend 2 extra Deputy Grand Lecturer visits
Attend any combination of any of the above
Attend 1 school of instruction in its entirety.

In lieu of a pin, Brother D.C. and I will make a donation to one of our charities.
You will choose from the list on bottom of Travel Club Form.
Please make the needed requirements and
turn the sheet in to the Travel Club Chairman
by September 1st, 2020.
A certificate of accomplishment will be given
to all who achieve Wandering Star.

Anchors Up Mississippi River Cruise
Date: April 26--May 4, 2020

Join D.C. and me as we enjoy the Mississippi River and
surrounding areas on a 9-day trip.
Excursions are included, as are all meals
and soft drinks, tea, and coffee on the river boat.
Premium excursions will be $50 to $75, except for Graceland.
We will leave from Memphis, Tennessee,
travel to New Orleans, Louisiana and
ride back to Memphis on an Amtrack train.
See Brother D.c. Dodd for further information.

Pachyderm Procurement Project:

Groups of members will travel from one chapter to another
to attend a stated meeting to collect an elephant picture,
sign and date it, and return to their chapter with it.
Other chapters will visit to "steal" the picture from them.
Deputies will collect these in November,
and they will be turned in to Brother Bill Pierce, PGP,
in registration on Wednesday, December 2, 2020
of Grand Chapter from 1:00 to 2:00 P.M.
It will take 3 members to "steal" the pictures.
Dual members count only once per visit.

Rules for obtaining an Elephant picture:

Each Deputy will be given one elephant picture for her district.
She will place the picture in one chapter
where it will be displayed in plain view,
such as on the sign-in table or on the secretary's desk.
In order to obtain a picture from the chapter,
the challenging chapter must take at least three(3) of their members
to a stated meeting of the chapter having an elephant picture.
Primary and Dual members cannot claim pictures from each other;
they must go to a chapter where they are not members.
Dual members can only count once per visit.

If more than one chapter shows up to claim an
elephant picture and they have the same number present,
the chapter that traveled the farthest gets the picture,
unless the visited chapter has multiple pictures.
In that situation, the chapter that has traveled the farthest chooses first.
There is a possibility that a visited chapter
may lose all of its pictures in one visit.
That chapter can get the elephant pictures back
by visiting the chapters that "stole" them.

Each time a chapter obtains an elephant picture,
someone will sign the tag attached to
the back of the picture.
A chapter may take only one picture per visit,
regardless of how many members visit.

All elephant pictures must be turned in to
the Deputies by or on the last meeting
in the District in November.
Each chapter with an elephant picture
is responsible for getting it returned to
its District Deputy Grand Lecturer.
Then, all elephant pictures must be turned in
by the Deputies on December 2, 2020
in the Registration Room between the hours of 1:00PM and 2:00PM
to Brother Bill Pierce, PGP, our Pachyderm Procurement Officer,
unless Prior arrangements have been made.

Representatives of the chapter with its name listed
the most times on pictures will be presented
in the East on Thursday morning
and will receive a Certificate.
The Chapter's name will be credited for the donation
Brother D.C. and Sister Sherri will make to Service Dogs.